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Template Farm: graphics production in the cloud

With Template Farm users can modify and preview Adobe After Effects projects online, from anywhere at anytime and on any device. It is a unique cloud platform that provides users a new simple way to produce high quality custom graphics.

Once an After Effects project is saved in a local shared folder it becomes available online in seconds. Users can modify the template, populate it with new content and produce new graphics remotely. The graphics will be rendered by using the local After Effects instances. This way no upload or download is required.

Template Farm

Full control of projects online
With Template Farm, users get a complete control of the project online. With multiple UI elements available to make the editing process as simple and user friendly as possible.

Template Farm controls local After Effects instances:
- Graphic designers save their projects in a predefined shared folder
- The projects become available online as templates
- Users populate the templates with information
- Use local instances of AE to render new content

Designers can also add limitations to the templates, preventing users from entering wrong values or limiting their options to a specific selection set.

The different filters include:
- Character limit - limit the length of the text (like Twitter)
- Required fields - users cannot create new graphics without populating those fiends with information
- Dropdowns - users can select from a pre-defined set of options

Template scan also be populated with external datas (databases, excel or XML files).

More information on www.templatefarm.io.
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VideoFlow: Interactive & Targeted Content For Your Video Streams

Stream live video from any source and add real-time HTML5 graphics that users can interact with. Making graphics for broadcast shouldn't be different from making great looking websites, the amazing tools the industry has to offer for web developers are now available for creating broadcast graphics as a robust framework.


- Personalized: Make your broadcast a unique experience for each viewer by giving them control over the graphics they see
- Responsive: Utilize the power of the responsive design just like modern websites do. Your graphics will look great on any device and screen size.
- Full Control: Broadcast from anywhere and control your production remotely with Videoflow web-based graphics controller
- Monetize: Utilize the advertising space and create personalized brand experiences for your customers
- HTML5 Based: Use all the tools that are already available and popular for web development. Just add our framework and you're good to go
- Open source: By having a strong community supporting and contributing to our framework, we will have more tools, talent and knowledge-base available

With Videowflow your videos become a part of a bigger eco-system. By having your audience interact with the video anywhere and on any device, you can drive more engagement, raise interest and turn more viewers to customers.

- Second Screen: Engage audience through beautifully designed second screen experiences that are tailored per viewer
- Presentation: Create amazing interactive presentations that will tell your story in the best possible way
- Digital Signage: Create interactive experience for touch screens in exhibition halls, venues, and information kiosks, with no need for internet connection

More information on www.videoflow.io.
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