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The secured collaborative file transfer platform.



The collaborative platform for your content exchange

VideomentheCloud provides customized portals which are accessible via login/password for sending content over IP, or making content available on a dedicated storage in the VideomentheCloud hosted in France. Files can be uploaded/downloaded by either authorized administrators or users, and either stored or erased after transfer, depending on your needs.


Login/password authentication
Transfer acceleration
Data security
File delivery reliability

Supervised hosting in France
Choice of files storage, backup and purge
Tracking for the admin
Notifications of content delivery

Simple and intuitive interface
Customizable portal

Plug and play solution
Upstream, Videomenthe configures a ready-to-use solution. Then, through the VideomentheCloud’s intuitive dashboard, the administrator manages its settings and monitors the activity.

More focused on your tasks
Improve your and your collaborator’s productivity by being released of technical constraints. The very easy-to-use interface allows you to share and track your files quite simply.

Based on the proven solution Media Shuttle™
VideomentheCloud is based on the SaaS Media Shuttle™ from Signiant. Content are shared rapidly and securely on the Videomenthe servers in our premises.

Flexible commercial model
Choose how long you want to commit to and beneficiate from a very attractive cost.

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