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  • Videomenthe in the Streaming Media's Top101 Companies that matter most in online video

    For the 4th consecutive year, Videomenthe is part of the Streaming Media Europe Top 101, which represents an annual look at the most interesting and influential companies in the online video space.

    The list is established by Streaming Media magazine's editorial team, who rank companies on a scale of 0 to 5. The top 101 then make the list.
    For the first time, only companies whose headquarters are based in the UK or continental Europe have been selected, to keep it "local"!

    This is a great recognition of our work on Eolementhe, the collaborative media tool box!


    Videomenthe’s innovative video platform makes it simple for broadcast professionals to connect, process and deliver TX-ready content, through a mix of automated tools and human intervention.

    Eolementhe is an efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to make your videos ready to deliver!

  • [Press Release] BNI France uses the Eolementhe CC web solution to subtitle its videos

    Videomenthe announces that its Eolementhe CC solution has been chosen by BNI France, the world’s leading business networking organisation, for the subtitling of its videos.
    Videomenthe, which is a partner of the big names in the media, is now placing its expertise at the disposal of corporate clients in the form of Eolementhe CC, a collaborative subtitling solution available in 120 languages, which is professional, user-friendly, rapid and very affordable!

    Eolementhe CC has proved to be the ideal tool to meet the needs of BNI France, the top business networking organisation in France and the world, which helps professionals to develop their business through referral marketing.

    “BNI is an international networking organisation operating in 73 countries. The question of languages obviously arises; we regularly receive information videos and videos promoting international events, which we have to translate and adapt for the French public. Eolementhe CC allows us to add French subtitles very rapidly ourselves, in a situation in which information needs to be distributed very fast”, BNI France’s head of marketing and communication, Claire Bléhaut, explains.

    The Eolementhe CC solution in fact enables professionals in every field to add multilingual subtitles to their videos by means of a very user-friendly interface, combining automated tools and human revision.

    Once the video has been uploaded, the AI software performs the tasks of converting speech to text and automatically translating the text into 120 languages. Users can then collaborate in the process, by revising and validating the content (modifying the text, synchronising it with the audio).

    Eolementhe CC finally embeds the subtitles in the video, which can then be shared directly to a Dropbox, Twitter or Youtube account or can be shared using a link.

    “This option of generating subtitles in several languages and being able to correct them directly on the platform is one that has great appeal for our corporate clients. This solution really has been designed to simplify the process of subtitling and sharing videos to the greatest possible degree, and we invite industry professionals to test Eolementhe CC so that they can see this for themselves”, Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac concludes.

  • Capella Systems announces Cambria v4.5 Official Release

    Capella Systems, editor of transcoding and live encoding solutions, released Cambria V4.5.0.51047 official version.

    New Features:
    - VP9 codec added to MP4 and Elementary Stream exporters
    - Dolby Audio support added
    - frame only playlist support for HLS
    - Black Segment Detection added to analysis exporter
    - FTPS retrieval and post task delivery support added
    - Color Space Conversion filter enhanced
    - Nexguard V2 added to Target Filter list
    - ASW credentials encrypted
    - Upgraded to use latest version of Cryptlex API

  • IBC Showcase webinar: replay available!

    You missed our webinar: "Play and adopt Eolementhe, our web media tool box, to deliver your content in the right quality wherever you want in whatever language!"

    The replay is available

    What? Transcoding, QC, subtitling, technical and editorial metadata, Artificial Intelligence... : join Videomenthe at IBC SHOWCASE to discover how to quickly and efficiently manage media workflow with Eolementhe, our collaborative cloud-based media platform. During this 30-minute webinar, we'll focus on a global workflow including tech and editorial content validation and multilingual subtitling. We’ll show you how to save time and money, and increase efficiency thanks to a mix of automated tools (AI) and human action!

  • [IABM Interview] In conversation with Videomenthe: remote work and new challenges

    In this IABM TV interview, Muriel Le Bellac (CEO, Videomenthe) explains how Videomenthe solutions are helping the media industry strengthen their ability to remote work and remote production.

  • Join Interra Systems live webinar on #media QC - April 15

    Discover the leading M/L and AI enabled automated #QC platform that provides comprehensive quality and compliance checks for #VOD content, linear and #streaming #workflows.

    🗓️ Wednesday, April 15 - 10:00AM CEST

  • Videomenthe at the Mobile Video event in Paris

    On february 6th, Videomenthe will participate to the Rencontres Françaises de la Vidéo Mobile, event wich gathers media, communication and film professionals.  They will share their feedback and know-how in practical workshops and conferences.

    Videomenthe will present Eolementhe, its collaborative platform that allows transcription and translation of subtitles into 112 languages, thanks to a mix of automated tools and human actions.

    3.30pm to 4.00pm - WORKSHOP "How to subtitle your videos into +110 languages  (easy, fast and cost-effective)"

    Real-time demo of Eolementhe solution with customer use cases (European Parliament and France Médias Monde).

    Short programmes, interviews, news, communication videos, training content...: media, company or institution, you have to subtitle your videos. Focus on this web platform that allows to automatically subtitle videos into 112 languages, with human revision. A professional result, 5x faster and cost-effectively!

    Meet us also on our booth, all day from 8am till 6pm.


    When ? Thursday 6th February 2020 from 8am to 6pm
    Where? Pan Piper, 4 impasse Lamier 75011 Paris

  • Videomenthe team whishes you a wonderful year!

    We wish all our clients, partners, colleagues worldwide a wonderful new year!

  • Videomenthe in the Streaming Media's Top101 Companies that matter most in online video

    For the third consecutive year, Videomenthe is part of the Streaming Media Europe Top 101, which represents an annual look at the most interesting, important, and influential companies in the online video space.

    The list is established by Streaming Media magazine's editorial and publishing team, who rank companies on a scale of 0 to 5. The top 101 then make the list.

    This is a great recognition of our work on Eolementhe, the collaborative media tool box!


    Videomenthe’s innovative video platform makes it simple for broadcast professionals to connect, process and deliver TX-ready content, through a mix of automated tools and human intervention.

    Eolementhe is an efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to make your videos ready to deliver!

  • [Event] Meet Videomenthe & Dropbox at SATIS show 2019

    Videomenthe will attend SATIS on Dropbox stand (C51 - Dock Pullman), to present Eolementhe and the new Dropbox connector.

    Users can now directly connect their Dropbox to Eolementhe, select files from Dropbox, manage it (transcoding, quality control, metadata, subtitles...) and deliver it to their client while saving the fianl versions into Dropbox.
    This new plugin is truly part of Eolementhe DNA: a professional web portal, simple and modulable, which integrates the most relevant market solutions.

    Come and meet us at SATIS show to discover how to make your workflows simple and smooth!

  • [Press Release] France Médias Monde chooses Eolementhe© as its video-subtitling web solution

    Videomenthe announces that Eolementhe©, its collaborative media workflow platform, has been chosen by France Médias Monde as its multilingual subtitling solution, following a consultation stage.

    The France Médias Monde group incorporates trilingual rolling news channel FRANCE 24, RFI international radio station and Arabic-language radio station Monte Carlo Doualiya. The three stations broadcast from Paris to 5 continents in 14 languages.

    France Médias Monde held a process of consultation to equip itself with a simple, modern video-subtitling cloud solution. The group publishes on its web sites brief videos (interviews, reports, etc) that have been made in-house and its aim is to make its teams' subtitling work easier and faster.

    Collaborative media-workflow platform Eolementhe© was chosen by France Médias Monde for its transcription, translation and multilingual subtitling features, but also for its modularity, its user-friendliness and of course, its cost.

    “We're able to publish our videos - subtitled in several languages - on the internet very rapidly, without any compromise in quality of translation, thanks to Eolementhe© and its automated tools. The option of human validation at every stage in the process, as part of the collaborative method of working, is a real advantage. Another aspect is the availability of Videomenthe's teams, which has enabled us, in particular, to work together on customizing the solution," RFI's Clément Bisset explains.

    Videomenthe thus collaborated with France Médias Monde to create a sequential workflow that adapts to the working methods of teams right across the production chain. Steps providing for manual correction and validation enable the different users (journalists, technical staff, editor in chief and others) to intervene after each automated stage (transcription and translation into several languages), which guarantees seamlessness, speed and efficiency.

    The Eolementhe© solution has also been customized: work spaces adapted to each profile have been created and a subtitles display in line with France Médias Monde's web graphics specifications has been incorporated.

    "We are obviously delighted that France Médias Monde has entrusted us with this project, which has several exciting features. The "mobile video" context first of all, with the collaboration between international technical and editorial teams, which is implemented seamlessly via Eolementhe©. Then there is the delivery of video content for web platforms and social media, which demonstrates the flexibility of the solution in terms of formats. Finally, the involvement of all our colleagues at France Médias Monde, who help develop the solution in a very constructive way", Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac notes.

  • [Event] Meet us in London on november 13-14 for the DPP Tech Leaders' briefing

    The DPP Tech Leader's Briefing is a two-day conference and networking event where senior technology executives from 30 major media companies will provide their key priorities for 2020:

    Videomenthe will present Eolementhe, our collaborative media tool box, at the Start Up Zone.

    Book a meeting with Muriel Le Bellac, CEO, and Bertrand Coutré, Project Manager, to discover how Eolementhe can help you manage and deliver your files, in a smooth, quick and efficient way!


    News is being transformed – and politicised as never before. The Tech Leaders’ Briefing begins right on the cutting edge of media.
    Speakers: Tim Bertioli - Vice / Bevan Gibson - ITN / Ian McLaren - Thomson Reuters / Mark Rogers - BuzzFeed

    The EMEA market may be the most complex in the world – with some of the greatest opportunities. You can’t afford to miss what these companies have to share.
    Speakers: Adde Granberg - SVT / Darren Long - Sky / Grant Franklin Totten - Aljazeera

    North American networks set the agenda for content at scale. Managing complexity is the name of their game – and it’s a game we’re all now in.
    Speakers: James Crossland - WarnerMedia / Francois Vaillant - CBC Radio Canada / Del Parks - Sinclair Broadcast group

    Speakers: Helen Stevens - ITV / Jessica Dahan - Imagen / Carys Hughes - Sky / Megan Johnston - Splice / Stephanie Wheeler - Deluxe

    Sports content is where innovation tends to happen first. These may be the most important trendsetters of all.
    Speakers: Andy Beale - BT Sport / Gordon Castle - Eurosport / Florian Diederichsen - Dazn / Barry Flanigan - Copa90


    The world’s biggest companies are tech companies – and media companies. They sit at the heart of the whole media ecosystem.
    Speakers: Rainer Kellerhals - Microsoft / Yeming Wang - Alibaba Cloud / Usman Shakeel - AWS

    This second session will brilliantly demonstrate the complexity and opportunities of the EMEA market.
    Speakers: Martijn Van Dam - NPO / Matt Westrup - A+E Networks

    The second of our North American sessions brings together some of the most famous broadcasters in the world.
    Speakers: Simon Farnsworth - Discovery / Renard Jenkins - PBS / Richard Friedel - Fox

    These are companies that get billions of video views a month - redefining what it means to be a content provider.
    Speakers: Jamie Bolding - Jungle Creations / Kate Burns - Brave Bison / Jacqui Kavanagh - Refinery29

    For the 4th successive year the UK tech leaders will give it to us straight
    Speakers: Sinead Greenaway - UK TV / Tom Griffiths - ITV / Matthew Postgate - BBC / Orpheus Warr - Channel 4

  • [Interview] Videomenthe showcases Eolementhe solution at IBC 2019

    Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac was on camera at IBC for an interview by IABM. She presented Eolementhe 6, the lastest version of the collaborative media tool box which allows to process and delilver Tx-ready files.
    Watch the 6-mintue interview, and discover the latest features and improvements of Eolementhe (Artificial Intelligence, speech-to-text...), the uses cases and references.

  • IBC 2019 - Videomenthe introduces Eolementhe V6: microservices architecture, subtitling optimization and Artificial Intelligence

    Videomenthe, the distributor and publisher of software solutions for processing media files, will be presenting the latest new features offered by Eolementhe©, its collaborative media tool box, at the IBC 2019.

    Eolementhe© facilitates the processing and delivery of media files via an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface, which features several leading file-processing tools (transcoding, quality control, analysis and correction of audio levels, creation of technical and editorial metadata, speech-to-text, subtitle insertion, AI, etc.). The combination of automated tools and manual intervention makes Eolementhe© a simple, rapid, high-performance solution for the delivery of ready-to-broadcast files.

    "2019 marks a turning point in the life of Eolementhe©. Major European clients are placing their confidence in us, and working in partnership with our teams to enhance and develop the platform. This version 6 of Eolementhe© reflects a desire to industrialize the solution, incorporating features designed with the constant goal of simplifying work for users and making workflows more seamless", Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac explains.

    Videomenthe is enhancing Eolementhe’s©, flexibility, reliability and scalability by deploying it using a microservices architecture. This architecture also forms a starting point for achieving a level of eco-design that makes it possible, notably, to optimize resources in response to platform load and client's needs.

    So, what is Eolementhe’s © guiding principle? Ease of handling for every kind of user, whatever their role. Significant improvements have been made to Filelib from this perspective, for more seamless and easier processing of media, particularly in the area of subtitling.
    Users can now personalize their working environment to suit their profile, whether it be technical or editorial, by simply selecting the desired settings. One example of this is a 3-pane view, allowing those with an editorial profile to see the subtitles in both the source language and their translated version, and to see a video preview.
    Other new features include the option to customize the way in which subtitles are displayed, in line with particular graphic specifications, and the incorporation of a chat tool, improving collaborative working via the platform.

    The delivery of multilingual content is progressing and with it the need to produce high-quality subtitled videos in several languages. Yes – but how can this be done when you don't have recourse to resources providing the desired languages?
    Videomenthe is now offering a comprehensive service combining the Eolementhe© platform with experienced human resources. This comprehensive package delivers rapid execution, by means of automated tools, and a high-quality result, using transcribers and translators who work to validate and correct the content directly on the platform – all at an attractive rate.

    The AI tools offered via Eolementhe© are now combined with a conditional workflow feature, for automated sorting and other actions in accordance with criteria set by the user.
    For example, if the AI detects images involving nudity in the content, the workflow is interrupted and follows a specific path (notifying the user, providing the option to re-teach the AI about this content, delivering it in separate folder). If not, the workflow continues.

    "Quality and speed of processing are key to effective monetization of content. This is our point of focus in this version 6 of Eolementhe©. Other major new features will be unveiled at the IBC. Come to Stand 2.B39 (French Pavilion) to find out all about them!", Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac concludes.

  • Capella Systems announces a new Cambria v4.2 official version

    Capella Systems, editor of transcoding and live encoding solutions, released Cambria v4.2 official release version.

    Main new features are:

    - Adaptive Streaming Re-packager (purchase option)
    - IMF ProRes Import
    - Support for lossless codec: FFv1, FFvHuff
    - Option added to output fragmented MP4 with byte range external file
    - AVID AAF Exporter creates AVID MXF (MPEG-2 IMX, XDCAM HD, or DNxHD) and handles check-in to Interplay
    - Added support for ProRes to MXF exporter
    - Added support for DV (DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, DVCPROHD) to MXF exporter
    - Added Long GOP support to MXF (XAVC)
    - Analysis Exporter enhancement to allow video matching detection
    - Kantar SNAP Audio Watermarking
    - Logo filter enhancement for motion logos
    - Web-based Dashboard/Monitoring/Alerting
    - Automated AWS clients for Cluster
    - “Pay As You Go” Licensing Option (beta)


    - S3 performance optimization with MOV and MXF XDCAM sources
    - Improved credential handling for S3 to allow different credentials to be used per job
    - MXF output is usable in Premiere as it grows

  • Brand new website for coporate clients (marketing, communication, HR)!

    We are working with medias ... but also with corporate clients who trust our solution Eolementhe to manage their videos.

    That's why we have launched a second website, dedicated to marketing, communication & HR professionals.
    We present Eolementhe, and how the solution can help processing and delivering videos, for internal and external communication purposes.

  • [Event] Videomenthe presents Eolementhe at Viva Tech 2019

    Videomenthe has been selected by Rakuten Aquafadas and Adocc, to present Eolementhe collaborative platform, dedicated to marketing, communication and HR professionals, during Vivatech.
    Viva Tech is the world's rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation in Paris (Porte de Versailles).

    You want to discover how to easily enrich and deliver your videos for internal or external communication? Through a collaborative platform, and without technical skills?

    Let's meet up booth J50-003 | Occitanie Pavilion 

  • [Press release] The European Parliament adopts Eolementhe© as its option to begin multilingual subtitling

    Videomenthe announces that the European Parliament has chosen Eolementhe©, the collaborative media workflow platform, at the conclusion of a tendering process.

    In late 2018, the European Parliament's Directorate General for Translation issued a call for tender with the goal of adopting a web-based solution for automated transcription and translation – one that would allow for manual intervention at all stages of the workflow, to be able to check, edit and amend its components, all accessed via an intuitive, secure, adaptable interface.

    Videomenthe is proud to announce the success of its tender, thanks to the functions and technical features of the Eolementhe© platform (speech-to-text, multilingual subtitling, collaborative working and secure hosting in Europe, in particular), but also in view of its compliance with the budget set by the European Parliament.

    "Eolementhe has proved to be the ideal solution to meet our requirements. The combination of very effective automated tools with the option of manual intervention makes it possible to deliver high-quality subtitled content in a very brief period of time. Another point worth emphasizing is Videomenthe's availability and its capacity for listening to its customer, making it a trusted partner", explains Delphine Piraprez, an advisor at the European Parliament's Directorate General for Translation.

    In January 2019, Videomenthe began working with teams of European Parliament translators to create a workflow allowing their needs to be met.

    Once the video has been rapidly and securely uploaded to the Eolementhe© portal, a preliminary automatic stage of audio conversion to text (also known as speech-to-text) is carried out.
    A Pause option then allows a checker to adjust the text and the timecodes in the source language before moving on to check the transcription file that serves as the basis for the translations.
    The automated translations are then processed in parallel using Eolementhe©, with a Pause once again to allow translators to check and modify them, working collaboratively.

    These parallel workflows provide considerable time savings, by combining speed of automation with human added value.

    Videomenthe has also trained and supported teams of European Parliament translators and managers (around 150 people) in using the tool. Since the Eolementhe© interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use for any kind of user, the learning experience went smoothly, enabling the translators to become operational rapidly.

    "This project is great recognition for us. It confirms our position as a European-level publisher of Saas video solutions and strengthens our belief that combining automated tools and manual intervention is a real asset in streamlining workflows and for better monetizing content", adds Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac.

  • [EVENT] March 8th, International Women's Day

    Muriel Le Bellac, Videomenthe's CEO, will be part of an event organized by Google in Montpellier, to share her experience in the digital industry as a woman.

  • [Press Release] Quality Control for files in the cloud: Deluxe Media Paris uses the Eolementhe© solution

    Montpellier, France – 29 November 2018 – Deluxe Media Paris uses Eolementhe©, the collaborative media tool box, Videomenthe announces.

    Deluxe is an international group specializing in the creation, transformation, localization (dubbing, subtitling, audio description, etc) and distribution of content for broadcasting operators, suppliers of content and advertising agencies. Deluxe operates in 38 markets worldwide and has 7, 500 collaborators.

    Deluxe Media Paris has chosen Eolementhe©‘s service for quality control of its media files and to guarantee compliance of the content sent to its clients.

    Eolementhe©, the collaborative media tool box for creating workflows and transferring media files in the cloud, offers transcoding, quality control, audio loudness correction, the insertion of metadata, multilingual subtitling, artificial intelligence, delivery of files, etc, all via the same very user-friendly interface, in a multi-provider environment.

    “Our priority is technical and artistic quality, and respect for original content. In addition to operating requirements, we had two further requirements: security of content and control of our budget. Eolementhe© enables us to meet our clients’ criteria in terms of quality of files, while guaranteeing us a secure environment. Another important point is that as the workflow is created entirely in the Cloud, we enjoy the benefit of a flexible, scalable financial model,” Deluxe Media Paris’ Director of Audio Services, Frédéric Taieb, explains.

    Videomenthe has worked with the Deluxe Media Paris teams to put in place the system settings and in particular the processing permissions required for each user. Quality control test plans have also been created and uploaded to the Eolementhe© platform, and can be used by any type of operator, technical or otherwise.

    Quality control is carried out using Interra Systems’ Baton® tool and the “Pause Workflow” feature makes it possible to include stages of editorial and technical checking of files, which facilitates collaborative working.

    Once the workflow has been executed, Deluxe Media Paris has compliant files, ready to be delivered to its clients completely securely.

    “We are in fact working to implement good security practices in terms of both software development and deployment in the Cloud, to be able to offer our clients a secure and reliable platform. This is a crucial point, just like financial flexibility. Eolementhe©, with its more seamless collaborative workflows, is a real asset in monetizing content more rapidly and more effectively,” adds Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac.

  • [EVENT] Videomenthe support INEDITS' event for archive and content preservation, on 22-25 November

    INEDITS is a European non-profit association with the aim to encourage the collection, the conservation, the study and the valorization of amateur films. INEDITS counts 40 members from different countries (France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, Czech Republic).

    Videomenthe is the sponsor of the 28th annual meeting of INEDITS which will take place in Annecy, 22-25 November 2018, and gather association members, audiovisual professionals and partners.

    This meeting will focus on amateur films and travel, and examine the place of animated films in our collections. Three technical workshops will be proposed to participants: the use of 3D printers for audiovisual archives, the reprinting of substandard copies, cleaning and processing video tapes.

    On Friday 23th November, Videomenthe will present Eolementhe, its collaborative media tool box, which allows to easily create and deliver media content, and to better monetize it.

  • [Press Release] coralbay.tv announces integration with Eolementhe© from media workflow specialist Videomenthe

    Cloud playout and workflow specialist, coralbay.tv Ltd., announces its integration partnership with Videomenthe’s media workflow solution, Eolementhe©.

    Eolementhe© is Videomenthe’s collaborative media toolbox which offers everything you need to easily connect, process & deliver TX Ready content. Eolementhe© provides a suite of tools for content management, including quality control, transcoding, loudness control, subtitles, speech to text and metadata handling, operating in a collaborative environment. Eolementhe© will be seamlessly integrated with coralPlay to provide stations with a fully unified workflow platform and playout solution and will ensure clients can utilise the full functionality of both systems to provide a coherent workflow.

    Both systems can be deployed either in the cloud or on premises giving clients a choice to suit their own infrastructure requirements.

    Peter Hajittofi, CEO of coralbay.tv comments “This partnership with Videomenthe reaffirms coralbay.tv’s forward-thinking approach to integration & interoperability. With the advent of cloud solutions, partnerships such as this will help to ensure clients do not have to compromise on functionality when moving to the cloud and they can more easily accommodate changes in approach as they move forward.”

    We are delighted to be partnering with coralbay.tv” said Muriel Le Bellac, Videomenthe CEO. “This partnership will allow all our clients to get a comprehensive and reliable end-to-end solution, thanks to the combination of Eolementhe© and CoralPlay. Preparing and playing out material quickly and easily, on demand and on multi-devices, is the key to monetizing content!”

    # # #

    About coralbay.tv
    coralbay.tv develops and supplies real-time playout and content preparation solutions. With considerable prior experience in automation, coralbay.tv is creating a new generation of products specifically designed to work in cloud environments with an emphasis on security, elasticity, redundancy and deployment.

  • [EVENT] Innovation Day Digital Media - October 16th in Paris

    Videomenthe will take part of a round-table during the "Innovation Day Digital Media", organized by Interxion on October 16th in Paris (Maison de la Radio - 22nd floor, one of the best view of Paris). We'll talk about our solution Eolementhe and how innovation can help in monetizing content.

    Three panels:
    With AWS, Colt, Globecast, Ivory, Omnilive, Videomenthe and Wildmoka.

    1/ How do OTT allow content broadcasters to reinvent their business models and answer customer's needs?

    2/ How to improve the customer experience by providing live and on-demand quality content using AWS services?

    3/ What digital innovation strategy can you deploy to engage and manage your audience?

  • [Press Release] Artificial Intelligence, Conditional Workflows, Multilingual Subtitling and High Availability: Videomenthe unveils Eolementhe© v5.0 at IBC

    Montpellier, France – 2018/08/09 – Today, Videomenthe, the distributor and publisher of software solutions for processing media files, announces the unveiling of Eolementhe© v5.0, the very latest version of its collaborative media tool box.

    Eolementhe© facilitates the processing and delivery of media files via an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface, which features several leading file-processing tools (transcoding, quality control, analysis and correction of audio levels, creation of technical and editorial metadata, speech-to-text, subtitle insertion, etc.).
    Eolementhe© version 5.0 offers new features and improvements which demonstrate the commitment to optimizing the user experience and industrializing the platform.

    “Eolementhe© is about the aggregation of file-processing solutions via a single interface, optimally linked together by means of features that we are developing”, explains Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac. “Choices concerning these new features are always guided by client feedback, to enable them to guarantee seamlessness and continuity of workflows. We hope that this 5.0 version will meet their expectations.”

    Artificial Intelligence
    The Eolementhe© v5.0 alpha version includes AI tools permitting facial, object and thematic recognition. This feature offers users finer indexing of content and faster subsequent searches. The information collated can be viewed in FileLib, the tool for previewing the video before rendering: the user can view the areas of the video containing this information.

    Easy-to-create conditional and parallel workflows
    Eolementhe© now incorporates two new functions - represented graphically - allowing time and efficiency gains to be made:
    • Conditional workflows, with the automatic creation of workflow branches in accordance with criteria predetermined by the user: the status of the previous task (e.g., whether it passes or fails Quality Control), the file name or the audio or video technical metadata (format, duration, codec used), etc. Setting the parameters is as easy to do as with the other Eolementhe© blocks: with a simple click or by manual entry.
    • Parallel workflows, which make it possible to execute several tasks simultaneously during the same workflow

    High Availability
    Videomenthe is enhancing its platform’s security and reliability by offering high availability across the content-processing chain, whichever tools are selected, whether proprietary or otherwise.
    Speech to text and multilingual subtitling
    Videomenthe is making significant improvements to FileLib, with the purpose of making the user experience ever better and more intuitive. Editorial changes can now be made more easily, notably thanks to a display taking up the full width of the window on scrolling through the subtitles, on the left side of the rendering thumbnail and on the video. Eolementhe© also incorporates two speech-to-text different tools.

    New dashboard: Tracking and controlling operations
    Finally, Videomenthe is developing its dashboard to give users and administrators a complete overview of the processes under way, in real time.
    Eolementhe© therefore facilitates collaborative working, with intuitive management of internal and external teams as a result of the oversight provided across all operations.

    Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac notes that “This 5.0 version is true to the guidelines we have always followed: seamlessness of workflows, ease of use and collaborative working. Our solution facilitates improved monetization of content thanks to the speed of its processing and exchange between partners.”
    “Eolementhe is a solution looking to the future. It responds to changing needs, notably in relation to the growing number of video files to be processed, but also the economic circumstances of different industries. Eolementhe is a solution that in fact helps to create a bridge between these different clients and industries (Broadcast, Web, Radio TV, Corporate etc.) and the IBC is the perfect opportunity to identify new partners and move forward together in this direction,” she concludes.
    Hall 2- Booth B39 - French Pavilion

  • A new comprehensive training offer

    Videomenthe has been offering solutions to its clients for 10 years.
    Today, this knowledge is transmitted throughout a comprehensive training offer, dedicated to audiovisual professionals, on the following topics: transcoding, quality control, loudness, workflows, file transfer, infrastructure / IT / Cloud...

    Videomenthe is registered as a certified training company, recognized by the French Datadock platform for the quality of its courses.

  • [Press Release] Videomenthe announces appointments of Mike Shaw as Business Development Manager and Sandrine Hamon as Back Office and Communications Manager

    Videomenthe today announced the appointments of two new team members, as they continue their international expansion.

    Mike Shaw comes with 30-years broadcast experience having held senior positions on both the operational and supply side of the industry. Mike spent 10 years with the BBC before joining the MAM company IBIS as Managing Director. He now joins Videomenthe as Business Development Manager to bring growth within the UK and beyond.

    Sandrine Hamon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in foreign languages and international trade, and has 10 years marketing and communications experience in the IT and Broadcast industries. Sandrine was notably in charge of the digital marketing and business strategy for a consultant company specialized in the broadcast industry.

    « Mike is an innovative strategist with a clear vision and a keep-it-simple philosophy. His 30 years’ broadcast industry experience are invaluable.
    Sandrine knows the broadcast environment but also has a broad vision which is essential in enhancing the visibility of our media content solutions » explains Muriel Le Bellac. « Our team has many challenges to raise around our solutions, VideomentheCloud, the file transfer service, and Eolementhe©, the collaborative media tool box for content processing and delivery! »

  • What's new on Media Shuttle?

    New features announced in June 2018:
    • Distribution Groups in Share Portals: You can now organize members of Share Portals into groups, allowing portal members to send content to multiple users at once. Portal members can choose distribution groups when sending files.
    • Distribution Groups: Distribution Groups in Send and Share Portals can now contain up to 100 members.
    • Media Shuttle Transfers: You can now transfer content to 100 individual members at a time when using the Send, Forward, and Request Files operations.

  • Eolementhe©, an eco-designed solution, compliant with the « Greenconcept » program

    The digital transition of the economy gives rise to a deep change. It raises several questions since our information systems generate negative impacts on nature (resources depletion, consumption of energy, greenhouse gas…).

    As Videomenthe has been fully aware of these environmental issues since several years, the company chose to integrate the “Greenconcept” program, driven by the CCI Occitanie and financed by Ademe agency and Occitanie Region.
    The goal was to evaluate the results of the eco-design strategy that has been set up to create Eolementhe©, platform for processing and delivering media files, and identify new ways of reducing its environmental impacts.

    The final report shows that all the actions that Videomenthe has been set up since several years give today significant results on environmental impacts. The mutualization of cloud-based servers allowed a reduction from 36 to 67% according to the KPIs (-47% on greenhouse gas emissions for example).
    An analysis of the lifecycle has been done for the Eolementhe© solution (conformity of the file and delivery of a 26 minutes program), and new ways of actions have been found as a result.

    Effectively, to move forward in this « Green » attitude, Videomenthe is working on the possibility to change the encoding proxy file format from H264 to H265.

    The end-users of our solutions can also act on a daily basis, by simple actions, for example:
    - Turn off their screen while a file is being uploaded,
    - Regularly empty the trash to avoid useless use of IT resources,
    - Check the conformity of each file before uploading it to reduce space wasting and useless data transfer
    - Use the « stop and go » feature of Eolementhe©, which allows to add technical and editorial verification steps, hence avoiding useless files go back-and-forth
    Videomenthe will provide the clients a good practices guidance, to go further in this “green” action.
    To combine ergonomic, operational performance and reduction of our environmental footprint is a daily challenge that has to be taken up together, for a responsible digital economy!

    The goal was to evaluate the results of the eco-design strategy that has been set up to create Eolementhe©, platform for processing and delivering media files, and identify new ways of reducing its environmental impacts.

    The final report shows that all the actions that Videomenthe has been set up since several years give today significant results on environmental impacts. The migration of physical servers on a cloud-based infrastructure allowed a reduction from 36 to 67% according to the KPIs (-47% on greenhouse gas emissions for example).
    An analysis of the lifecycle has been done for the Eolementhe© solution (conformity of the file and delivery of a 26 minutes program), and new ways of actions have been found as a result.

    Effectively, to move forward in this « Green » attitude, Videomenthe is working on the possibility to change the encoding file format from H264 to H265.

    The end-users of our solutions can also act on a daily basis, by simple actions, for example:
    - Turn off their screen while a file is being uploaded,
    - Regularly empty the trash to avoid useless use of IT resources,
    - Use the « Stop and Go » features of Eolementhe©, which allows adding technical and editorial check steps, in order to avoid useless file transfers

    Videomenthe will provide the clients a good practices guidance, to go further in this “green” action.

    To combine ergonomic, operational performance and reduction of our environmental footprint is a daily challenge that has to be taken up together, for a responsible digital economy!

  • [Use Case] Eolementhe©, ready to assist marketing and communications departments in preparing and sharing their videos

    Video is a powerful communications tool. It has become the most effective way for companies to publicise their activities and so to convey their vision and values. Video, whether it is for corporate, tutorial, motion design purposes and so on, or whether it is used for marketing or in-house communication, makes it possible to put across a clear visual message in just a few minutes, in situations in which many different media and meetings would normally be needed to convey an intelligible message.

    So, people who already know about Videomenthe are probably asking, “Why is this company that specialises in the broadcasting industry talking about uses of company videos?”

    When Videomenthe launched Eolementhe it was above all with the aim of simplifying the processing and delivery of video files. A new method of working could then be offered by Videomenthe, using its “all-in-one” platform. Instead of possessing large numbers of frequently under-utilised tools, why not incorporate them within a single responsive platform and conceal their complexity behind an extremely user-friendly interface?
    Despite appearances, Videomenthe’s purpose is not challenging ways of working, but really to make the process more fluid and improve it by promoting collaborative methods.
    Here, collaboration is tackled in different areas: the pooling of resources, working together on the same file and sharing of videos with external partners.
    So, this is a generally “win-win” model: the software publisher continues to grant its licences (via Videomenthe or to the end client); the client benefits from quite favourable rates and additional features; and Videomenthe, which is also a distributor, continues to act as an orchestrator between the publisher and the client.

    Whether they are broadcasters, production or post-production companies or advertising content platforms, this option also appeals to a varied broadcasting clientele attracted by the speed of access provided by Eolementhe and also by how easy it is to use. They now have at their fingertips a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for professional video processing and delivery.

    To begin with, Eolementhe was above all a platform for working on technical files. Then its range of applications was expanded to include preparation and editorial validation, using FileLib.
    While continuing to target its core market with this new feature, Videomenthe is also setting its sights on a completely new target: businesses and their marketing and communications departments.
    The idea is to make Eolementhe available to marketing and communications departments for the purpose of communicating and collaborating on multiple versions of the same video and, finally, sharing them.

    Examples of the use of FileLib: subtitling
    Here, the client’s requirement is for multilingual versions of the same video so that it can then be shared with the different Business Units.

    The stages of the workflow

    The workflow is constructed by choosing each block that corresponds to a stage in the process (subtitles, delivery etc.). Alternatively, a preset workflow option can be selected.

    - Ingest block: video upload
    Several methods are available (server, object storage, internet video, video from social networks, etc.)

    - Speech-to-text block: transcription and translation into the desired language
    A transcripts file is then generated, indicating the time stamps and display of the subtitles translated.

    - Pause block: for checking and making corrections manually
    This stage is crucial because it allows the user to check the subtitles and correct them as required. Other checkers may be added; they will receive a notification email inviting them to access Eolementhe via a link to FileLib.

    - FileLib tab: previewing the video before rendering
    This will allow the checker to check the subtitles and make modifications directly in the text editor.

    Once the final version has been approved, the person responsible for the project validates it and resumes the workflow.

    - Burn block: subtitling
    The final version of the subtitles is inserted into the video. These subtitles can therefore be translated or transcribed and can also be used as part of the audio description.

    - Delivery block: multi-recipient sharing
    Once the video has been approved it is shared with all of the recipients concerned (here, around 30 of them) by means of a download link.

    So, the Eolementhe platform permits collaboration on a video and guarantees a smooth process of communication and correction. You can see here that the method is extremely simple. To recap, users first create a workflow or use a preset, then they just have to upload the video for processing. The execution of the workflow automatically launches the stages, one by one, and the pause feature allows the user to intervene manually during the checking process and the technical or editorial correction process. The workflow finally concludes with delivery of the video.

    With Eolementhe, all of the processes are carried out via a single interface, accessed from an internet browser. There is no need for technical skills - Eolementhe is extremely simple to use and guarantees a smooth flow of operations and communication between collaborators.

    Access is rapid and allows videos to be exchanged in a secure environment.
    Eolementhe therefore avoids the need for a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and messages back and forth by text, email, DropBox, Wetransfer, etc, and so helps to save a considerable amount of time!

  • Eolementhe now available on Orange's cloud

    Videomenthe is offering its clients the option to host their data in the cloud using Orange Business Services’ “Flexible Engine” solution. This partnership, based on using Eolementhe©, the platform for processing and delivering media files, therefore enables Videomenthe to guarantee complete data security, and in particular to resolve any intellectual property issues, thanks to data hosting in compliance with the European regulatory framework.

    Eolementhe© is a web-based platform incorporating many market-leading solutions for broadcast and media professionals, provided via a single extremely user-friendly interface. This platform makes it possible to carry out a great majority of media-file processing and enriching operations very rapidly: transcoding, analysis and correction of loudness, subtitling and speech-to-text, quality control of files and multi-platform delivery.

    In addition to the creation of media workflows, Eolementhe© permits a considerable time saving to be made thanks to the technical and editorial standardisation of files, in just a few clicks, in line with the different profiles and standards of broadcasters. These features allow a user, even a beginner, to create a “ready-to-broadcast” file.

    Backed by Orange Business Services’ extensive experience in Cloud infrastructures, Videomenthe guarantees its clients high availability and great capacity for storing their files. Hosting their data on French territory also makes it possible to guarantee complete security in compliance with the framework of European regulations, while providing the best guarantees with regard to intellectual property of content.

    Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac explains: “For media companies, the criteria of file performance, security and tracking are key factors influencing the decision to adopt a solution available in the cloud. Our partnership with Orange Business Services, an expert in the sector, operating within the European legal framework, was an obvious choice to enhance our Eolementhe© solution and so to offer a reliable, suitable option to all of our clients.”

  • [Press Release] France Télévisions chooses Videomenthe as one of the providers for its regional channels’ transition to HD DTT

    Videomenthe Wins Bid Due to the Flexibility, Reliability and Quality of Service of Harmonic’s File-Based WFS™ Workflow Engine and ProMedia® Transcoders

    Following a call for tender, Videomenthe was chosen by the France Télévisions Group to update its file-processing tools for the transition to HD DTT.

    The whole of France switched over from DTT to HD DTT overnight between 4 and 5 April 2016, with the aim of updating its TV provision. This involved the generalised introduction of the MPEG4 standard.
    In preparation for this major change, France Télévisions issued a call to tender, in late 2015, for the file-processing tools across all of its 23 regional sites to be updated with equipment capable of generating MPEG4-standard media. Videomenthe won this bid by offering the Workflow File System (WFS™), WFS™ file-based workflow engine and controlling ProMedia Carbon file-based transcoders, from the software publisher Harmonic, the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure®.

    As a French distributor of Harmonic file-based transcoding solutions, Videomenthe is thus offering a tried and tested, high-performance system. Harmonic’s WFS™ workflow engine is in fact a transcoding solution extensively used extensively by big leading broadcasters worldwide. Using this solution therefore made it possible to guarantee a gradual, reliable, uninterrupted transition for France 3 TV’s regional stations.

    So, Videomenthe’s bid was chosen based on the calibre of its technical provision, notably the flexibility of use and scalability of Harmonic’s WFS workflow engine, but and also for the quality of the services provided during its deployment. The Montpellier-based company in fact provides extensive expertise (installation, configuration and training) right across the range of its solutions.

    The project was launched in early 2016, with the installation and configuration of pilot workstations by the Videomenthe team. Training was then given to a number of designated people to guarantee a successful transition across all of the regional sites. France Télévisions Project Manager Emmanuel Girouard explains: “It was vital that this change should not affect the autonomy of the regional sites. Videomenthe therefore offered us an appropriate technical solution but also training adapted to the individual methods of operation of these 23 sites.”

    Videomenthe founder and CEO Muriel Le Bellac adds: “We are proud of having won this bid, which is a mark of the confidence France Télévisions showed in us to handle this major transition. Furthermore, working hand in hand with France Télévisions and all of those involved in this project has proved to be a very rewarding experience.”

    For Videomenthe, this three-year contract reinforces its position as a key operator in the European broadcast market. The French company is thus forging ahead with its development and offering its own media-file processing solutions: the collaborative file exchange platform, VideomentheCloud, and Eolementhe©, the portal for creating media workflows in the cloud.


    Montpellier (France), 27 March 2015 - Videomenthe has signed a strategic partnership with the INA, France's national institute for audiovisual archives, for the development of Videomenthe Cloud, a collaborative file sharing platform. This will allow the INA's audiovisual productions department to optimize the collaborative workflow it uses with clients, while providing flawless security.

    More and more clients of the INA's audiovisual productions department were asking for file-based deliveries, requiring the institute to come up with innovating solutions.

    The Videomenthe solution allows the INA to not deal anymore with technical deployments, financial investments and software license purchases. With the Videomenthe Cloud platform, the INA's audiovisual productions department can quickly set up three portals: one to send data, one to share data and one to receive contents from partner production companies in France or abroad (China, Canada, United States). The INA can also send dematerialized files to its clients, but also share contents such as graphics or subtitles with all the players involved in producing a program.

    "We have worked in close collaboration with the INA's audiovisual productions department, so that they could extensively test our solution. We are very pleased with our choice. Videomenthe Cloud offers flexibility in terms of use and deployment, and is a modular solution. Data is stored in France, in a data center that we have partnered up with. The interface can be customized, and ideally suited to the client's needs. Companies that wish to use this service are given an identifier and password, and they can start using the platform immediately," adds Muriel Le Bellac, CEO of Videomenthe.

    Clients need not worry about technical or security aspects, which are all covered. Videomenthe Cloud lets the portal administrator view content transfers, offers notifications of completed delivery, secure data encryption and accelerated transfers. Data can be downloaded by administrators and authorized users, but also stored or flushed depending on the institute's needs.

    About twenty users use the Videomenthe Cloud platform each month. They are not always the same, as this depends on ongoing projects. The strengths of this solution are the accelerated transfer of large files, transfer security, temporary storage, and controlled costs.