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Plugins Rhozet

Plugins for Rhozet ProMedia Carbon

Plugins for Rhozet ProMedia Carbon

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Audio Tools Loudness Control from
Minnetonka Audio software and Minnetonka Plotter

Audio Tools Loudness Control
Minnetonka Audio Software
  • Compatible with ProMedia Carbon 3.19 and higher, WFS 1.4.3 or higher

  • Supports ITU-R BS.1770 (including the new ITU-R BS.1770-2 & 3) and EBU R 128 (including the new EBU R 128 (2011)) standards, and is in accordance with the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act and ATSC’s Recommended Practice A/85:2009: Techniques for Establishing and Maintaining Audio Loudness for Digital Television.

  • The module measures Programme Loudness, Loudness Range, Maximum True Peak Level, Average Loudness ITU, Momentary Loudness and Short Term Loudness.

  • Mono, stereo and multichannel PCM configurations are handled in measurement and processing.

  • The measurement results are formatted as XML in a log file.
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Minnetonka ALCR

  • The Videomenthe Plotter for AudioTools plug–in ingests XML files generated by AudioTools Loudness Control for Harmonic ProMedia™ Carbon, and generates visualizations of the metrics embedded in these XML files.
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Closed Captions

EZTitles Plug-in pour Promedia Carbon
The EZTitles Plug-in for ProMedia Carbon enables you to encode burnedin (also referred to as open subtitles) subtitles, teletext or closed captions right onto your video clip.

Content protection 'Watermarking'

  • Civolution’s plugin Nexguard®
  • Proven and effective deterrent against content piracy
  • Source identification in case of illegal copies
The Civolution audio and video watermarking and fingerprinting technologies are available as plug-ins to Harmonic ProMedia Carbon. Watermarking plug-ins allow any ProMedia Carbon user to embed imperceptible watermarks for any source and target format configured with ProMedia Carbon. Each plugin can be used thru the GUI or piloted thru the API from any Asset management or workflow management software.

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