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  • Eolementhe now available on Orange's cloud

    Videomenthe is offering its clients the option to host their data in the cloud using Orange Business Services’ “Flexible Engine” solution. This partnership, based on using Eolementhe©, the platform for processing and delivering media files, therefore enables Videomenthe to guarantee complete data security, and in particular to resolve any intellectual property issues, thanks to data hosting in compliance with the European regulatory framework.

    Eolementhe© is a web-based platform incorporating many market-leading solutions for broadcast and media professionals, provided via a single extremely user-friendly interface. This platform makes it possible to carry out a great majority of media-file processing and enriching operations very rapidly: transcoding, analysis and correction of loudness, subtitling and speech-to-text, quality control of files and multi-platform delivery.

    In addition to the creation of media workflows, Eolementhe© permits a considerable time saving to be made thanks to the technical and editorial standardisation of files, in just a few clicks, in line with the different profiles and standards of broadcasters. These features allow a user, even a beginner, to create a “ready-to-broadcast” file.

    Backed by Orange Business Services’ extensive experience in Cloud infrastructures, Videomenthe guarantees its clients high availability and great capacity for storing their files. Hosting their data on French territory also makes it possible to guarantee complete security in compliance with the framework of European regulations, while providing the best guarantees with regard to intellectual property of content.

    Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac explains: “For media companies, the criteria of file performance, security and tracking are key factors influencing the decision to adopt a solution available in the cloud. Our partnership with Orange Business Services, an expert in the sector, operating within the European legal framework, was an obvious choice to enhance our Eolementhe© solution and so to offer a reliable, suitable option to all of our clients.”

  • Eolementhe, part of the Microsoft 'Azure Preview France' program

    The partnership between Videomenthe and Microsoft allows Eolementhe to be deployed into the 'Azure Preview France' platform.

    Now, let's find all Eolementhe features into the Azure France's cloud.

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  • What's new on Media Shuttle

    Request file transfers
    A one-click upload link makes it easy for Send Portal users to request files from other users.

    Link Expiry
    You can now set shorter expiry periods (1 and 7 days) for file requests.

    Content Protection
    You can now protect your Send portal transfers with a shared passphrase. Click the gear icon on the Media Shuttle transfer window to configure content protection for your transfer. This feature is now available to all customers. 

    Switch Portals
    You can now switch between portals using the portal selection drop-down menu.

    Language Selection
    You can now use the Profile Options to set a custom language for your Media Shuttle portal per User

    Rename content in Share Portals
    You can now rename files and folders in backed Share portals.

  • Videomenthe is launching a major version of its media workflows platform: Eolementhe v4

    Videomenthe, the distributor and publisher of software solutions for processing media files, announces the unveiling of Eolementhe© v4.0, the very latest version of its workflow-creation platform.
    The multi-vendor platform, which simplifies not just workflows and the creation of compliant files but also media exchanges, has in fact been redesigned. Many features that greatly enhance the seamlessness of the workflows have been added, making Eolementhe© ever more user-friendly and accessible for broadcast professionals, whether they are technical people or not.
    This new version of Eolementhe© underlines the aim of continuous improvement, seeking not just to optimize users’ experience but also to achieve greater technical and commercial flexibility.
    The IBC will give Videomenthe the opportunity to unveil Eolementhe©’s brand-new interface and latest features, and also its mobile app (for iPhone and Android).

    ° New interface
    Eolementhe©’s front-end makes the complexity of each file-processing stage appear deceptively simple. The operations thus facilitated include: transcoding, quality control (with a pause option for manual intervention), loudness analysis and adjustment, the creation of technical and editorial metadata, speech-to-text, the insertion of subtitles, etc.
    Workflow construction and the configuration for each operation can now be handled at the click of a mouse. Eolementhe© furthermore retains all of its freshness with an intuitive, streamlined, modern design, and media companies have the option to personalize the interface with their corporate design.
    Tracking and control of operations
    The workflow tracking window displays all of the stages currently in progress. The details are available to the user in real time, with the option to download reports at the end of each task to facilitate more rapid action.
    Eolementhe©’s management functions have also been improved to give the user and also the administrator better control over operations. Eolementhe© therefore facilitates collaborative working by means of enhanced and intuitive management of internal teams and external collaborators, thanks to the overview provided of all operations.

    ° Creating standardized files
    Eolementhe© has been designed particularly to be able to create and deliver compliant files ready-to-broadcast. Users now have the option to create their own form template, and pre-populated templates already enable AS-10 and MetaPADTV-compatible forms to be created. Processing on entry of IMF source files will also be demonstrated at the IBC.
    Videomenthe, with support from RIAM (Broadcast and Multimedia Research and Innovation), is also working on a new key function involving the creation of files in IMF interoperable format. Thanks to the incorporation of a catalogue of content stored in IMF format, it will be possible for any user to create the version required by the broadcaster concerned.

    ° Cloud, Hybrid and Standalone
    Videomenthe focuses on scalability of platforms. It was with this goal in mind that the company designed Eolementhe© to be a platform that would be flexible and adaptable from a technical and commercial point of view. Three modes are thus offered to cover all needs and adapt Eolementhe© to the specific requirements of each media company. Originally designed for use in the cloud, Eolementhe© is also available in Hybrid and Standalone mode.
    Eolementhe© Cloud was designed to be used entirely in the cloud. This mode makes it possible to retain all of the advantages of the SaaS services, based on pooling of resources.
    Eolementhe© Hybrid is the perfect combination of internal and external resources because it utilizes both the client’s in-house farms and the resources provided by Videomenthe in the cloud.
    Finally, Eolementhe© Standalone is locally hosted, so Eolementhe© runs the client’s farms and the front-end provides a user-friendly interface for creating workflows and processing files. More than a mere orchestration tool, the Standalone mode also enables files to be exchanged between both internal and external collaborators of the organisation by means of an internet connection.
    So, whatever the option selected, Eolementhe© offers a front-end that is particularly easy to use. The construction of workflows and processing of media files via a user-friendly interface are simplified for all users.

    Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac notes: “We have invested a great deal of effort in developing this major version of Eolementhe©. We wanted it to be a scalable, elegant solution, tailored to suit each media company!”
    She added: “Eolementhe© is a decisively forward-looking solution as it responds precisely to changing needs linked to the growing number of video files to be processed, but also the economic realities of our industry. We are able to offer a wide range of deployment responses optimizing OPEX and CAPEX-led budgets by means of our Cloud, Hybrid and Standalone modes.”

  • NAB 2017: Integration of new partner company tools within Eolementhe© and upcoming launch of its mobile app

    Videomenthe will be represented on the booths of its various partners at the NAB. So, this show will not just offer an opportunity for the French company to meet up with its clients and discuss the solutions it provides, but, drawing on its different partnerships, Videomenthe will for the first time present to the American market its own multi-vendor solution for processing media files: Eolementhe©.

    These technology suppliers and partners include: Amazon Web Services for its cloud services - whose programme for innovative companies, AWS Activate, has been integrated by Videomenthe -, Aspera, Capella Systems, Harmonic, Interra Systems, Microsoft Azure, Minnetonka Audio, Signiant.

    Videomenthe is a French company that distributes media workflows software, and designs Cloud portals. Its flagship solution, Eolementhe©, is a user-friendly Cloud portal which brings several leaders in the field of media-file processing together, in a single interface.
    In this automated environment, which still provides the option to intervene manually in certain operations, you can find a complete workflow, with different methods of delivery: transcoding, quality control, analysis and correction of audio levels, the insertion of subtitles and logos and addition of editorial and technical metadata for RTB files creation. Users construct their workflow to process and deliver their media file by means of an interface that is extremely intuitive, instantly and easily mastered, and accessible via a web browser. For even smoother use, Eolementhe© can be managed via API, and automatic mode is used to streamline and speed up operations.
    Videomenthe goes still further by offering a hybrid SaaS service – in addition to its SaaS mode – the principle of which is to exploit both the client’s on-prem resources and those offered by Videomenthe through its resource-pooling Cloud.

    Eolementhe© v3.2

    *A mobile app for processing media files
    One of the great new innovations being presented by the company is the Eolementhe© mobile app, available soon on GooglePlay (Android™) and in the AppStore (iPhone®, iPad®). App users can access the Eolementhe© portal functions and monitor all of the data processed, in real time, using their login. So, simply by using their smartphone, remote users or users on the spot can begin processing their video according to their workflow models or those made available to them, and then upload the broadcast-ready file to TV channels, post-production or VOD platforms.

    *Video delivery to YouTube
    Videomenthe now includes a “send to YouTube” option as one of its methods of delivery. After the account login details have been verified and YouTube mode has been selected, Eolementhe© publishes the processed video to the channel selected.

    *Automatic retrieval of media from Object Storage platforms
    The retrieval of files stored on Object Storage platforms such as OpenStack, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure can be automated, for the purpose of internalising operations within Eolementhe©. The files are thus listed in Eolementhe©‘s dropzone to make it easier to manage them within a single interface.

    So, Eolementhe© v3.2 processes files from various sources to deliver them to multiple destinations, while offering an increasingly varied range of solutions. Off-site work productivity is also optimised by using the mobile app.

    Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac concludes: “Eolementhe© is the aggregation of file processing solutions in a single interface, optimally linked together by means of features that we are developing. Our partners are chosen on the basis of technological and commercial criteria, but also because these solutions enable our clients to guarantee the seamlessness and continuity of workflows, without causing any intrinsic disruption of their infrastructures.”

  • France Télévisions chooses Videomenthe as one of the providers for its regional channels’ transition to HD DTT

    Videomenthe Wins Bid Due to the Flexibility, Reliability and Quality of Service of Harmonic’s File-Based WFS™ Workflow Engine and ProMedia® Transcoders

    Following a call for tender, Videomenthe was chosen by the France Télévisions Group to update its file-processing tools for the transition to HD DTT.

    The whole of France switched over from DTT to HD DTT overnight between 4 and 5 April 2016, with the aim of updating its TV provision. This involved the generalised introduction of the MPEG4 standard.
    In preparation for this major change, France Télévisions issued a call to tender, in late 2015, for the file-processing tools across all of its 23 regional sites to be updated with equipment capable of generating MPEG4-standard media. Videomenthe won this bid by offering the Workflow File System (WFS™), WFS™ file-based workflow engine and controlling ProMedia Carbon file-based transcoders, from the software publisher Harmonic, the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure®.

    As a French distributor of Harmonic file-based transcoding solutions, Videomenthe is thus offering a tried and tested, high-performance system. Harmonic’s WFS™ workflow engine is in fact a transcoding solution extensively used extensively by big leading broadcasters worldwide. Using this solution therefore made it possible to guarantee a gradual, reliable, uninterrupted transition for France 3 TV’s regional stations.

    So, Videomenthe’s bid was chosen based on the calibre of its technical provision, notably the flexibility of use and scalability of Harmonic’s WFS workflow engine, but and also for the quality of the services provided during its deployment. The Montpellier-based company in fact provides extensive expertise (installation, configuration and training) right across the range of its solutions.

    The project was launched in early 2016, with the installation and configuration of pilot workstations by the Videomenthe team. Training was then given to a number of designated people to guarantee a successful transition across all of the regional sites. France Télévisions Project Manager Emmanuel Girouard explains: “It was vital that this change should not affect the autonomy of the regional sites. Videomenthe therefore offered us an appropriate technical solution but also training adapted to the individual methods of operation of these 23 sites.”

    Videomenthe founder and CEO Muriel Le Bellac adds: “We are proud of having won this bid, which is a mark of the confidence France Télévisions showed in us to handle this major transition. Furthermore, working hand in hand with France Télévisions and all of those involved in this project has proved to be a very rewarding experience.”

    For Videomenthe, this three-year contract reinforces its position as a key operator in the European broadcast market. The French company is thus forging ahead with its development and offering its own media-file processing solutions: the collaborative file exchange platform, VideomentheCloud, and Eolementhe©, the portal for creating media workflows in the cloud.

  • M6 supports Eolementhe to create and deliver METAPADTV files

    To receive standardized RTB files from its partners (The French specifications METAPADTV), M6 supports Eolementhe:
    "With the French technical recommendation CST-RT-040, including the MetaPADTV standard as well, we craved for a solution making our partner's work easier. The Eolementhe solution has this vital feature and allows us to ensure without disrupting, the exchange of compliant files with all our partners."

    Alexis Bureau, Engineer Project Manager - M6 Group (Major French TV channel)

  • Eolementhe© enables France 24 to streamline its capture and broadcasting options

    The international news channel France 24 has become a user of the services provided by Eolementhe©, its cloud-based portal for creating workflows.
    Seeking to improve the quality of its broadcast content, France 24 is testing different tools for capturing and broadcasting, with the help of Eolementhe©, allowing it to streamline the choice of solutions and encoding options used. France 24 in fact processes a very large number of video images, so it is crucial to use high-performance and highly responsive tools in carrying out studio-reporter two-ways, live programmes, news roundups, magazine segments and other types of broadcast programmes.

    France 24 is a TV channel that is a subsidiary of France Médias Monde, broadcasting an international rolling news programme in French, English and Arabic via digital terrestrial TV, satellite, cable, IP-TV and the web in more than 177 countries. Some 50 million TV viewers also watch the news prepared by more than 400 journalists in Paris and around 100 correspondents’ bureaux across virtually the entire world.
    “The technical quality of our content is a new challenge. We broadcast a rolling news programme and so we have an enormous volume of images to be processed as they arrive. From the point of reception to the point of broadcast, it’s important for us to be able to have complete confidence in the tools we’re using. That’s why we have chosen to use Eolementhe©, which will enable us to make the most objective technical choices,” Thomas Wiard, head of France 24’s engineering department, explains.

    Eolementhe© is the portal for creating media file workflows designed by Videomenthe. The multi-provider platform offers, amongst other options, transcoding, analysis and audio loudness correction tools, the incorporation of technical and editorial metadata, the delivery of files (object storage with secure, accelerated upload in either manual or automatic mode), quality control and the generation of reports where required, etc.
    Eolementhe’s design also provides a highly modular solution, which has allowed France 24 to customise its workflow. Taking its needs into account, two workflow stages were chosen: Quality Control and Delivery. The media file is simply uploaded to Eolementhe© and the workflow is implemented. Interra Systems’ Baton® tool performs quality control on the content generated by the different solutions tested, then precise, detailed reports are sent by mail and via the portal, enabling the quality of the different videos to be compared. In this way, Eolementhe© makes it possible to carry out comparative Quality Control on the encoding performance (video and audio) of several tools.
    Videomenthe is also carrying out advance preparation work on test plans for France 24, so that the platform is ready to be operated by all types of users. In fact, the extremely user-friendly interface means that all that has to be done is to drag and drop the blocks required or to select your model that has been saved earlier (or shared by another user) to construct your workflow and process your file.

    So Eolementhe©, running in SaaS mode, makes it possible to outsource tasks that, while crucial, are subtasks, without having to draw on resources used in production, and this can be achieved at reduced cost. France 24 was therefore able to avoid purchasing an on-premises solution that would be disproportionately oversized for this type of project.

    “Eolementhe© is not just a tool for processing media files. We designed Eolementhe© with the purpose of meeting the needs of several different media workflow scenarios, to be able to offer a genuinely professional solution to all broadcasting professionals,” Videomenthe CEO and founder Muriel Le Bellac explains.
    She adds: “So by delivering Eolementhe© to France 24, at our French POS level, we also hope to assist the delivery of the high-calibre news service broadcast by the international TV channel”.

  • IBC 2016: Media file workflows with Eolementhe©. Adaptability to new standards, automatic delivery to Object Storage and “pause” function.

    At the IBC 2016, Videomenthe will be presenting its solutions for processing media files: Eolementhe©, its tool for creating media file workflows, but also VideomentheCloud, its cloud platform for secure, accelerated file sharing, not to mention all of its distributed solutions.
    This year the company will shine the spotlight on Eolementhe© v2, which, thanks to its user-friendly interface, makes for intuitive media workflow creation, facilitating ready-to-broadcast (RTB) file sharing between broadcasting users. Within this automated multi-provider environment, you’ll find a complete workflow: transcoding, quality control, audio level correction and analysis, manual or automatic delivery of the technical and editorial metadata, etc.
    So, all that’s needed to implement a workflow is a simple workstation connected to the internet and the extremely intuitive interface can be picked up immediately. For even more flexible use, Eolementhe© can also be run by a third-party system, thanks to its application programming interface (API).

    New features
    At the IBC, Videomenthe will be presenting these new Eolementhe© features:
    - One of the key features presented at this IBC is the inclusion of the “pause” option. The user can decide to halt their workflow at any point by simply ticking a box, providing an option for taking action if errors are detected. This manual intervention therefore allows for greater flexibility in executing the workflow and better monitoring of the content processed thanks to the option of inserting comments when using the pause function.
    - The automatic delivery of content to Amazon S3, OpenStack and Microsoft Azure platforms, making it possible to streamline content management and its associated costs;
    - Manual intervention in the execution of the workflow in progress, in the event that errors are detected during quality control of the file;
    - Sharing of workflow models, according to predetermined administrators’ rights, to be able to manage several categories of users.

    AS-10, MetaPADTV and IMF workflows
    Eolementhe© is a scalable, sustainable solution, with new formats and standards being added as they emerge. So, at the IBC 2016, Videomenthe will demonstrate the simplification of the process of creating AS-10 and MetaPADTV files and also the option of processing IMF (Interoperable Master Format) source files, using Eolementhe©. This will allow content holders to guarantee fully compatible file sharing in one environment.
    All of the functions offered by Eolementhe© have been designed with the purpose of creating a truly fluid file-based workflow, with the benefit of a clear and user-friendly interface to permit all types of users to process their media files.
    So, there are no added infrastructure costs, nor is there any intervention from an additional operator to create files that comply with new standards: broadcast professionals are therefore able to guarantee the continuity of their services, and at a reasonable cost.

    Videomenthe founder and CEO Muriel Le Bellac explains: “The new technical and commercial models must be flexible and must help content-holders, labs and broadcasters to work together. In addition to developing a tailored, flexible technical solution, at the IBC we want to demonstrate a true blend of a technical and commercial proposal. We therefore drew on our technical model, based on sharing and collaboration, as a foundation to offer a win-win business model. So the client will be able to monetize the use of Eolementhe© thanks to resource-revenue sharing.”

  • Videomenthe is adding new features to Eolementhe©, its tool for creating media file workflows in the cloud

    Videomenthe announced the launch of Eolementhe© v2, its platform for processing media files in the cloud. Software publisher Videomenthe is providing new features making its portal even more powerful and better adapted to workflows commonly used in the broadcasting sector. Its user-friendly interface promotes intuitive workflow design for automated processing of media files, facilitating their delivery via all types of platforms.

    Videomenthe, which is also a distributor of transcoding, quality control, audio loudness correction, subtitling solutions and more, has great experience in streamlining these processes and makes them available via a single portal.
    In this automated multi-vendor environment, an even more comprehensive workflow is now available, featuring, amongst others, Baton™ solutions from Interra Systems for File-based Automated Quality Control, the WFS™ file-based workflow engine controlling ProMedia™ Carbon or ProMedia Xpress transcoding nodes from Harmonic, TITAN File© from Ateme for transcoding and AudioTools Server© from Minnetonka Audio for audio loudness correction and analysis, etc.
    The Eolementhe© portal can be accessed from anywhere, allowing the fast, secure transfer of media processed using Signiant’s Media Shuttle© accelerated file transfer solution. So using a simple work station connected to the portal makes it possible to execute a workflow in the cloud and the extremely intuitive interface is instantly easy to grasp.

    Videomenthe has refined Eolementhe© with the aim of offering greater flexibility in the services it provides. Firstly, the processing of files is carried out asynchronously and guarantees immediate access to the media. The files are available as each one is processed, you don’t need to wait for the completion of the batch process to access each media file. The progress of the tasks executed can be followed using the status window. Also with the aim of improving monitoring of the process, the technical and editorial metadata are grouped together in a single file linked to the media for the duration of its duty cycle. The incorporation of an HTML5 player compatible with the VLC plug-in makes it possible to view your video within the Eolementhe© interface, for greater ease of use. Finally, Eolementhe© now incorporates the delivery of files to several Object Storage systems: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack.
    All of these new features allow you to level out peaks in workload, for example during special events, specific projects, archive management, content validation etc., while at the same time speeding up the availability of the media files. So, whether they’re working out of office, in a lab, at HQ or wherever it may be, users can retrieve their media, processed in accordance with their own workflow model.

    Many clients have been keen to have Eolementhe© integrated into their ecosystems to trigger business workflows. Originally developed for use as Software-as-a-Service in the cloud, Eolementhe© is now available also as a standalone. In addition, its open API guarantees a high degree of interoperability in automatic mode, allowing it to be integrated into a wide variety of architectures.
    So, the option to choose the mode of implementation makes Eolementhe© a scalable tool suited to users of media files, whether freelancers, broadcasting companies, post-production labs, journalists or others.

    Videomenthe therefore offers an “all-in-one” solution, simplifying media file processing operations - but Eolementhe© does not mean an abrupt change to the way organisations operate, Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac explains: “Eolementhe© is not a disruptive solution, but in fact an extension of the current workflow via a friendly, intuitive interface. Our goal is to simplify and facilitate the work of media content users, but also to meet new needs linked to virtualisation, which has become a fact of life in our industry. To sum it up, Eolementhe© is the user-friendly workflow creation portal aimed at all broadcasting professionals.”

  • TSF uses the VideomentheCloud platform to transfer its files during filming in Montpellier

    Videomenthe today announced that TSF, the supplier of film footage to cinema, broadcast and advertising professionals, has used the VideomentheCloud collaborative media content sharing platform during the shooting of a film pilot in Montpellier (South of France). Used mainly to transfer the footage to post-production in Paris, VideomentheCloud permitted the secure, encrypted, expedited transfer of the files during the fortnight of filming, facilitating the work of the teams in Montpellier and Paris.

    “The VideomentheCloud platform is an intuitive tool that is simple to use”, says Danys Bruyère, TSF’s Deputy Director for Operations and Technology. “As well as solving the issues of mobility and reducing our infrastructures, this sharing platform gave us thorough control over all of our content during filming, providing complete visibility and traceability and avoiding any loss of files or wasted time. Most of the file transfers were of film footage, so it was crucial not just to preserve quality, but also to save time in the post-production phase, by ensuring the rapid availability of the files. So Videomenthe was able to offer us a reliable solution in step with these needs, in the form of its VideomentheCloud platform”.

    VideomentheCloud, based on the proven MediaShuttle tm system from Signiant, allows users to share content rapidly and securely in a restricted-access storage area provided by Videomenthe. Upstream, the system administrator carries out a simple configuration to customise the interface and establish the access rights: selection of group members, their rights and the method of identification (using a login or SAML2.0 gateway). The user then connects to the portal and ingests files to the platform to make them available. This content can then be downloaded or can equally well either be stored or purged, according to need.
    This ease of deployment allowed the TSF film crew to transfer a large number of files (an average daily volume of 850GB) to post-production, helping to improve the productivity of the operation. In fact, TSF’s use of the VideomentheCloud platform is a typical example of the current needs of film crews, who have to transfer footage to distant post-production facilities rapidly and cost effectively. More generally, this also applies to broadcast professions as a whole: digitisation is becoming essential and generates a large increase in the number of files needing to be processed.

    “With VideomentheCloud we are also offering great flexibility: our clients are free to choose how long they want to commit to, allowing them to benefit from a very attractive price for optimal use of the platform. TSF is a perfect example of this, making ad hoc use of VideomentheCloud to transfer its files during filming in Montpellier. By providing this solution to the Paris-based company, Videomenthe has demonstrated its ability to update this type of operation and to simplify its clients’ work for them, Videomenthe Sales Manager Eric Schaffner explains. “We are keen to be able to collaborate with TSF again in the future and so to be involved in this way in the development of French broadcast productions,” he added.
    The software publisher and distributor also enables the processing of media files (transcoding, QC, loudness...) as well as making them available in its Cloud via its Eolementhe© portal.

  • Eolementhe New features - IBC 2015

    Montpellier, September 2nd, 2015 — Vidéomenthe will be present at IBC (Hall 2, booth A36E), and has announced new features for Eolementhe, a comprehensive and automated cloud-based solution for workflow creation.

    Eolementhe© is an "all in one" portal that lets users easily create file-based workflows, ensuring fast and secure IP transfers and offering features such as transcoding, media quality control, loudness analysis and correction, and subtitle insertion.

    With Eolementhe, traditional workflows can now be fully transferred into the cloud. Using this powerful and user-friendly tool developped by Vidéomenthe, all companies in the media, TV or technical industries can develop their own offsite production workflows. Eolementhe can be used either for dedicated operations or for the full media chain, from ingest to distribution, including graphics, subtitles, etc., with the entire process being automated.

    "We are attentive to our clients' needs, and Eolementhe combines a series of comprehensive media file management features, offering a true extension of your workflow into the cloud," explains Muriel le Bellac, CEO of Vidéomenthe.

    During IBC, Vidéomenthe will also announce new features for Eolementhe such as editorial metadata management*, an integrated streamer**, and support for Orad's technologies***.

    *Metadata management
    The users send the form template(s) they wish to use for media management, and these forms are added into Eolementhe's database. A JSON or XML file is then generated in the desired format, containing a reference to the media. This feature will be automated in the next update.

    Eolementhe includes an HTML5 compatible player, with a VLC plugin. When the option is activated for the user, they can see a small "Play" button next to each file, in the "Status" window. A single click launches the video player and reads the media.

    ***Orad support
    Eolementhe used Orad's Render Engine, coupled with a media server. When a media is ready, the stream is recorded by the Render Engine, which adds graphics. By integrating Orad's solution, we can offer richer graphics and import templates that can be used directly. This functional component allows for the creation of an emergency loop using Eolementhe.